Hello, my name is Ersin.

I am an architect and a digital arts generalist.

I am a freelance designer working as a location independent digital nomad.

I was designing and drawing “things” and objects and buildings in my early childhood. I chose architecture for my university education. Along with my education, I met computers. I directly dived into coding and graphics. I was coding “Hello World”s with Visual Basic and painting somethings with Windows Paint. My first animations were 2 frames, done by using “Ctrl+Z”.


Then Photoshop came into my life and I chose design over coding. But coding never went too far from my life. When I got my first freelance job (in the very early times of the Internet) to design a web page, I had to learn to slice & produce html pages and that was when my digital design career started officially. I also met 3D Modelling & Rendering Softwares like 3D Studio and Cinema 4D at these times.


Now I have 20+ years of experience in designing many types of works; from print to identity, interactive to 3d animation, I have been in many projects with many different situations in a wide rainbow of design principles.


My architectural education helped me build a solid foundation of understanding about the most complex & important interfaces for human beings: buildings. I try to bring that complex navigational experience of 3 dimensional space to my interfaces. I like designing interactive interfaces with which a user can intuitively navigate through the deep branches of the system and find what they were looking for.


I believe in the near future, not only advanced computer games but also most other technological devices / applications will have dynamic 3d interactive interfaces and 3D software interfaces will start to be integrated with VR Design Environments.


I have experience in:

– 3D Modelling, Sculpting, Xpresso, Dynamics, Particles, Animation, Rendering,

– Video & Motion Graphics, Editing,

– UI/UX, Web Page Design, Interactive Interfaces,

– Game / Software / Application / Interactive Interfaces,

– Sound Editing.


I may use only one or many of these tools together according to the variables of the project at hand. I have experience in team leading and organizing many aspects of a project from start to finish. I am a rapid multi-tasker and good team player who sees the special, personal talent of everyone and who loves to find the pieces of a puzzle and put them together to create a beautiful, efficient and successful product.


Being an observer of the evolution of things in the human environment, I learned to be ready for any new concept or technology and to progress (evolve) accordingly; I’ve learned how to learn.


I have several national and international awards received and some features in national digital magazines.

What did my clients say about me & my works.

Very good and responsive - thank you.

Asif Ghafoor - Spacious Hong Kong Founder

Creative designer with a great hand and professional attitude.

InsureTech - Planck Website Producer

Ersin was quick, had innovative ideas and worked well with us to make our ideas come reality.

EGGER Druck + Medien - EGGER Druck + Medien Presse

Ersin is very helpful and gave us his support concerning the requested data. It is easy to communicate with him.

EGGER Druck + Medien - EGGER Druck + Medien Presse